4.3.2023 Julie Campiche – Freundeskreis Hafensommer

Der Freundeskreis Hafensommer präsentiert:

Julie Campiche

„Campiche is far more than ‘just’ a ‘harpist’. She is also a composer, vocalist and electronic artist, with an artistic vision that reaches far beyond the parameters laid down by Coltrane and Ashby.
Her sound (with electronic effects) is closer to electronica and ambient music than it is to rock, Campiche’s use of the harp is just one element in a broader musical aesthetic that does indeed bring together many strands of music and culture.“
Ian Mann – Jazzmann, review for London Jazz Festival

Samstag 04.03.23  um 20 Uhr
Eintritt 28 €   Einlass 19 Uhr

Würzburg Rottenbauer Am Schloß 3
Architekturbüro Stahl Lehrmann
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